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Bhoomi Geological Solutions

Bhoomi Geological Solutions LLP (BGSLLP) offer consultancy services in variety of geological, geotechnical and environmental clearances related issues to various stake holders (viz., leasee, office of district geologist, office of commissioner of geological and mining, and various state government organizations). Bhoomi Geological Solutions has undertaken and successfully completed the task of preparing of District Survey Reports for ordinary sand and gravels for more than 16 districts and aided additional 5 districts in various capacities in record time. BGS has been working since last 3 years in works of environmental clearance, preparation of geological reports, exploration of various minor and major minerals, preparation of mining plan, and compliances related to pollution clearance for various stake holders.

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8+ Year Experience

We are working as an organization from last 8 years in the field of mineral exploration for mineral, limestone, quartz, soapstone a successfully provided it to many clients in Rajasthan & Gujarat.

Mining Planning 95%
Environment Cleaning 94%
Geological Mapping & Survey 90%

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Our team mission is to promote agricultural practices designed to provide abundant healthy food, fiber and other services for all communities.

Bhoomi Geological Solution LLP

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